849 West Boylston Street

Worcester, MA 01606

849 West Boylston St
Worcester, MA 01606

Our Projects

We specialize in design and installation of electrical and communication wiring projects, LED lighting retrofits and preventative maintenance. We service commercial/industrial customers, health care and education and provide quality results at competitive prices. This is accomplished through our consistent demonstration of electrical expertise, professional integrity, technological innovation, and our passion for excellence.

City of Worcester Public Schools LED Install

City of Worcester Public Schools

New LED Installation
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. worked in conjunction with Advanced Solar Products and Honeywell Energy Services Group to install new LED lighting and circuitry below (12) solar array/carport structures located at Burncoat High School and Sullivan Middle School. This LED installation was accomplished in a very short time frame in February so the arrays would be illuminated when the students returned from February vacation.

UMass Memorial Campus

WPI Campus Wide

Wireless upgrade project
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. worked in conjunction with WPI Network Operations to install raceway, category 6 cable, category 6 jacks, patch panels, testing required for (200) new (WAPS) wireless access points. We mounted these new WAPS on both the interior and exterior of more than (20) buildings throughout the WPI Campus.

UMass Memorial Campus

Clark University

Power, fiber and wireless
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. worked in conjunction with Clark University’s Facilities and Information Technology Departments to design and implement the installation of single mode fiber optic cable and power for (5) weather proof heated and cooled equipment cabinets to provide network connectivity, convince power wireless throughout Granger Field.

UMass Memorial Campus

Vellumoid, Inc.

LED Lighting Retrofit
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. installed approximately 500 new LED light fixtures for Vellumoid, Inc.’s manufacturing facility to improved safety and efficiency and to reduce electrical utility cost. We also installed sub-metering for electrical cost allocation and work with Vellumoid to troubleshoot malfunctioning machinery.

UMass Memorial Campus

WPI Campus Center

Access control
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. worked in conjunction with WPI Network Operations and WPI Facilities to installed new access control for (15) doors in the WPI Campus Center. We installed access control cabling, door contacts, sounders, (REX) request to exit devices, proximity readers, lock sets, access control panels, power supplies, power and testing for this access control installation.

UMass Memorial Campus

City of Worcester Garage

City of Worcester Garage LED Lighting Upgrade
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. worked in conjunction with Energy Management Consultants, Inc., Cimcom Lighting, Inc. and Honeywell Energy Services Group to retrofit existing light fixtures, install new LED light fixtures and install new intelligent, wireless lighting control systems equipped with Adaptive Dimming and Motion/Occupancy Sensors in (4) City of Worcester Municipal Garages. This LED lighting upgrade combined with the new intelligent control system enables the City to easily schedule and dim lights during hours when there is little or no traffic while immediately turning lights back to full power when a car or individual enter an area.

UMass Memorial Campus

Western Mass Homeland Security

Fiber installation
DelSignore Electrical Contractors, Inc. provided, installed, terminated and tested 50 micron fiber and supporting raceway between an existing MA DCR Fire Tower and an existing MA State Police communication shelter located on top of Borden Mountain in Savoy, MA.

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